Thursday, February 9, 2012

quilt #2. final.

My friend called me this morning to let me know she'd received her quilt. I knew by the sound of her voice, but I needed verbal confirmation, so I asked the dreaded question, "Did you like it?"

And, she did! In fact, she loved it! (Fist pump!)

And so did my son, so I felt really bad about tugging it out from underneath him and mailing it off. But he'll get over it. I think he was simply excited that I finally let him touch it since I'd been kind of freaky and refused to let his germy sticky hands touch the fabric at all during the process because, well, the main fabric has a white background and I didn't need granola bar smears marring the perfection of it!


Finished blocks

Vertical sashing sewed on, horizontal sashing pinned in place.

Waiting for a border

12"x12" matching pillowcase

Super fierce backing fabric and my signature

Monkeys sliding down rainbows=My favorite part of the fabric

The finished product

A few more notes: I still haven't found a way I want to sign my name, so a heart and the letter "A" will have to do for now. Because my batting had an allowance of 2"-4", I quilted a square within the white square (I think 1.5" in?) and also quilted both around the entire block and just inside the white square, about 1/8" away from the seam. I used white thread on the white square quilting and lime green thread on the outside portion, meaning the quilting showed up nice and bright against the turquoise of the backing fabric. I think it looked awesome, but it is my quilt, so take that with a grain of salt. I couldn't get a good photo of it inside my house (stupid lack of natural light!) so I slung it over the fence and shot a few photos before running from the cold. I'd like to say this is why it's not centered and hanging crooked in the photo, but that's probably because I didn't notice.

I really really really enjoyed making this quilt, and I was sad to part with it, but since its final home is with a super cool friend and her super cool baby, I suppose I'll sacrifice.


  1. Dude....monkeys on rainbows. Seriously, what could be cooler? Except maybe those darned mermaids...

  2. Those mermaids are glorious. I'm so sad that fabric is "rare" and near impossible to find! :(